NCPC Car Pooling

For one of my university modules, Web Application Design & Implementation, we had to create an AngularJS web application based around a carpooling company. This assignment has taught me a lot about javascript programming and also AngularJS and how to create a single page web application.

Box Films

In my first year at university, we were tasked with creating a fully functional ticket booking website for a fictitious film company called Box Films. This module was all about databases and web so we had to use PHP and MySQL to create a booking system.

(Note: the database connection for this site may be lost)

Web Dev 101

In one of my first-year modules, Technology For Business, we where tasked with creating an HTML site from a template and putting our own stamp on it. The purpose of the assignment was to develop our HTML and CSS skills and to explain how to host and develop a website.

Sheffield Surgeries Group

For my second year at university, we were tasked with creating an appointment system for a surgery. This was done by using Grails inside of a Debian virtual machine and creating all of the classes, domains and scaffolding in order to assemble the site.

PBX Phone System

For The Beauty Rack, I set up a fully functional PBX phone system from scratch using an old computer and some Yealink SIP phones. This has really helped The Beauty Rack to communicate with customers and suppliers better.