Why Was Envanter Created?

The Beauty Rack is a small, independent, family-run e-commerce business trading on multiple marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon and their own website. They specialise in health and beauty products and have been trading for over 15 years. I have worked at The Beauty Rack for a few years and I noticed how much staff were struggling with locating items. So I decided that something needed to be done and so Envanter was born.

What does Envanter do?

Envanter serves multiple purposes and helps in all aspects of online trading. The main features include:

  • Stock control
  • Finding products
  • Easy integration onto online marketplaces
  • Logging damaged items from suppliers
  • Stock checking
  • Customer message logging
  • Automatic customer message templates
  • Managing marketplace cases (such as eBay returns and item not received cases)
  • Easy reporting
  • Managing returns from Royal Mail (i.e return to sender)
  • Logging outbound parcels using the 2D barcode printed on the address label
  • Customer reports for sent items to prove shipment
  • Internal messaging system

You can view a details list of featues here.

How has the Envanter helped?

Envanter has allowed The Beauty Rack to grow by automating many day-to-day tasks and relived the burden off of staff as all information is now digitalised. In 2020, the coronavirus hit and many businesses had to close down but due to how streamlined The Beauty Rack was due to the system, they were able to remain open and kept trading throughout the pandemic and helped the community by providing essential products.

What Was Envanter Coded In?

Envanter is mainly coded in PHP and connects to a database using MySQL. The Bootstrap framework is also used for styling.


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